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Femme Fatale from Spy film in a Fairytale story
I terribly want to read a comedy story like this. terribly.

She gets what she wants, and not above threatening dumpy looking princes to get it. “M-Milady! what are you doing?” Dumpy squeaked out

WELL OBVIOUSLY I CAN’T WRITE OTL but I imagine they argued and dumpy wondered what happened to the princess, femmefatale doesn’t like dumpy who wears his heart on his sleeve and sometimes kinda old-fashioned, sidles with big bad who seems harmless but seeks to overthrow the rug out of dumpy’s crown and start hullabaloos. femmefatale gets over her head because big bad is really crazy. dumpy somehow in the worse clumsiest way possible, saves her. She bullies him because she cares :D