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Communication is important, how else will puny Midgardians know who is their superior? Let us start the journey to effective communication with…


Chapter 1: Acquire an English Accent

Midgardians love a posh english accent you must do your best to acquire one…This is especially effective among teenage female mortals.

Chapter 5: Insults to Strike Fear

Strike your foes down with well placed scathing insults. Use the most insulting ones you know! Pertain to their low selves or make reference to their mothers.

fig. a: a foe being struck down


Chapter 13: Commanding Midgardians

When dispersing commands to Midgardians, use simple words, one word commands would be best. Augment this with simple gestures so they will not be confused.

Tip: If the Midgardians don’t follow your command, do not fret. Remember, use Exercise, Discipline and Affection. You may also threaten them to aid swiftness.


You have now finished this course, Try it out! if Midgardians are unavailable for practice, Try practicing with stand-ins, like your friend or pumpkins.

The publisher is not liable for incidents and damages from using this book.