Did you develop your style on your own or did college contribute to this style owo?


On Style

Hi anon, I will admit, my style came from my interests rather than in college as my college was not focused on drawn arts.

My observation is that there seems to be a certain values that the school exalts. When I look at drawings from students and graduates from animation school for example, they generally seem to favor dynamic lines and stylized shapes. Styles favored by the animation industry. I think this is also true in art movements (ie. impressionist focusing on light, romantics in emotion). 

I conclude for myself that ‘style’ is developed through ‘taste’. Everyone has one. You know what you like and what is favorable to you and what colors you like and from your ‘taste’ you try to combine all the things into your ‘style’. 

I guess the answer is Yes, you can develop your own style by looking at things you like. and Yes college can also have a role in developing your style.

I am also sleep deprived so please take it with many grains of salt.

Hi Prima guys! I finished this from the simple workshop demo I did last saturday. 
You can download the PSD to fiddle around with and I wrote the steps on how to paste a lineart into a layer mask.

It’s a divided basic layers of a digital paint for fun and education!
Download here!

Addenum: Whoops! the 3rd instruction should say “select the mask layer while pressing down ‘alt’”. Replaced the file.