Hello, this is a little process for making reference for vectoring and even illustrations! (Please click the photos to read the captions)

A note, the modeling clay I used is Van-Aken Plasticina, a firm-ish oil based clay, just pick one that holds it’s shape.

Hope you learn something new!

Mythspace Monday!
In a universe where mythical creatures are supposedly aliens, Mermaids are slave traders?!? Did this for free comic book day this year. Hallo guys! I liked second one the best, reminds me of newspaper serials.

Written by Paolo Chikiamco

Quick small oil illustrations these are under 2” x 3”. I haven’t used oil in a long time since the solvent upsets me. I found Grumtine, it smells orangey and a little nauseating but it is a lot better than Turpentine :D

Hey guys! This is a little late but this is the little sci-fi comic I drew with Paolo Chikiamco of Rocket Kapre (who wrote it). Mythspace Humanity is a one-shot and part of the Mythspace universe, Set in the future where Mythical creatures are actually aliens from space. Humanity is about a group of slave miners and more importantly, Danny and Marta, two friends who deal with decisions that change their lives.

It debuted this summer komikon and oh man the story is really good. Paolo really outdid himself. I really invested in drawing the feelings of the characters.

I’m really happy it gained generally favorable reviews *o* I’m sure it’s more for the story than my art but haha I feel happy Danny and Marta’s story is being told.

Reviews: Rappler / Jumper Cable / Blurred Lights

Dear guys who brought it at summer komikon, please tell me what you think :D?