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firnheledien said: I LOVE how you captured and immortalised the essence of each character perfectly. And I really like the naive colouring style. :3 

@firnheledien Thank you they were easy to do though because they were so iconic. Yes! I love those american goldenbooks illustrations!

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Enlighten me on these creatures.

@goldensonofodin goats are really cool 8D

@fanged-and-fabulous Yes! I love the way his mane turned out too! thanks!


About the goats, aside from the obvious horns, it’s actually more like, goats have this herbivore strength that’s different from a predator I like. I think it’s a lovely contrast. a lot like thor’s brute strength vs. loki’s magic. Thanks for putting up with my animal spams! :D now, good night!

Usually, choosing an animal is a toss-up between appearance and poise or a combination of both

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Good night! sorry I haven’t been posting much, I am working on some postcards for a fair! I’ll show them to you guys someday :D

I also discovered a quick process to do those flat illustrations I like very much. it goes like (sketch>use lasso to fill>paintover). also please take note of this wonderful brush. It’s a chunky brush by MarkWinters. I used it to make the pinup illustration!

I’ll have to wake up in time for tai-chi class, we’re almost finishing the 10 step one. not that I’m good at it, but it’s surprisingly fun!

-C :Db