C H E W Y is a two minute game we did in two weeks with a three person team. You can play it here:

Hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed working on it!

The Team

Backgrounds and Concept: Anne Ballaran

Characters, Creatures, Effects,…

Guys, a handful of people from Studio Kontrabida made this short interactive game. It has a fluffy dog so you should definitely play it!


#RP612Fic Art from Studio Salimbal

This year’s edition of #RP612fic - the hashtag started by Studio Managing Editor Paolo Chikiamco - was the most successful ever. But this year it wasn’t just about fiction - many Studio members pitched in with some artwork as well! Here they are in one place for you convenience, since you may have missed them in the 90,000+ wave of tweets…

Mine is the giant crab! Look at all the art these cool cats did for Philippine alternate history day. :D