C H E W Y is a two minute game we did in two weeks with a three person team. You can play it here:

Hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed working on it!

The Team

Backgrounds and Concept: Anne Ballaran

Characters, Creatures, Effects,…

Guys, a handful of people from Studio Kontrabida made this short interactive game. It has a fluffy dog so you should definitely play it!


#RP612Fic Art from Studio Salimbal

This year’s edition of #RP612fic - the hashtag started by Studio Managing Editor Paolo Chikiamco - was the most successful ever. But this year it wasn’t just about fiction - many Studio members pitched in with some artwork as well! Here they are in one place for you convenience, since you may have missed them in the 90,000+ wave of tweets…

Mine is the giant crab! Look at all the art these cool cats did for Philippine alternate history day. :D


June Classes Start Dates
Beginner Classes- get the Foundations of comics. Learn to pencil, ink, and thumbnail. Also, Storytelling: Clarity, Continuity; types of shots and panels; story and visual flow. Basics of digital post-processes.

Advanced- if you already have a solid foundation, work on a single project and defend it to your peers. We’ll group critique as you pitch and carry your project ( at least a 12-page story) to completion in time for Komikon in November.

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There’s a lot of talent out there.

Within the Philippines and without, there is a glut of wonderful artists, incredible writers. If you’re a comics fan, you almost have too many choices, both paid and free, in terms of genres and formats and creators (not to mention the other media battling…

Oh wow. I’m here with these talented people. Hopefully their talent’ll rub off on me 8D. 


Want to paint with real watercolor effects in Photoshop? The image above was painted in about five minutes with Kyle’s REAL Watercolor set for Photoshop. No filters, overlays, or textures were used - just a Wacom tablet and pen. The brushes were developed over several months to perfectly emulate natural wet media and they are the first of their kind. There are over 40 brushes in the set, including bonus brushes for effects like Salt, Alcohol, and Spatter. Grab them here for only $7. Reblog this post, and you could win a free set - three random users will be selected.

(Photoshop CS5 or higher is required)

These brushes are the best and reaaally fun to play with. Here is a test pic I did from them. 8D